An opportunity to add value and remove obstacles for a team doing something awesome. 


I like helping people
figure out problems

My career started as a happy accident. I stumbled into the customer service industry working at 1-800-GOT-JUNK. It was a bootcamp where I refined my skills in communication, critical and physical problem-solving, as well as harnessing a growth mindset, every day.

I brought my skills to Squarespace where the problems became much more technical. It thrilled me to help people learn the website-building platform they needed to create something beautiful. Growth brought opportunity and I gathered everything I could from supervisor experience to project management.

Now, I'm searching for a new team to join.



Shift Lead - Client: Vimeo

Leading 10+ agents supporting and cultivating the Vimeo community.
Creating weekly metrics reports to highlight individual and team performance.
Improving policy and procedure for the globally distributed and remote Yeomen team.

Left Coast


Professional service.
Personal attention.
Helping dozens of people create shops, blogs, and portfolios, while teaching them the Squarespace CMS platform and tools.


explode into space

I write to make sense of the world. Explode into Space began during a solo, month-long cross-country trip across America five years ago. Now I write about the ideas I regularly gather from books, videos, and podcasts about psychology, business, creativity, and more. Below are some of my favorites.


teach my mom

Created out of my lessons teaching my own mother, Teach My Mom is my experiment in developing the resource for teaching your adorable, well-meaning mother how to use Facebook properly. 



  • Reduced wait time for Squarespace 5 inquiries from 21 hours to 4
  • Managed development of ten Advisors, earning 90%+ CSAT
  • Seen more websites than your average bear


  • Created Recycling Coordinator position and responsibilities
  • Provided customer experience selling junk removal service
  • Handled dirty jobs with a big smile


  • Purchased and received studio equipment for engineers
  • Maintained sales contacts and financial records
  • Helped Jimmy Fallon become famous

Professional/PERSONAL Use


Isn't it amazing we can instantly communicate with one another? Send me a message and I'll get back to you as fast as humanly possible through technology. Which is pretty fast.